Focusing on MA-thesis part V – conversation with Ursula Lagger

Ursula Lagger held the course Proseminar Master Thesis and outlined the most important questions and considerations about the thesis.

After revising my expose, and the final conversation with Ursula Lagger, where I presented my topic, I feel quite confident that I’m on the right track.

However still I think I need to narrow the topic. For this I thought probably it would be better to start the focus already with the experts interviews. Instead of interviewing people from various fields probably it’s better to find more experts in a specific field like graphic design and print production. This would also fit the idea to produce a poster series and the printed hardcover as practical work piece. Thus I have probable interview partners in mind like graphic designers, typographers and illustrators who are experienced in both, digital and analog methods, processes and production.

Questions like the share of digital and analog for their work, experiences in perception, technical and aestehtic characteristics, special projects, general dis- and advantages, personal attitude on the topic seem to be a good start for the interviews.

However, I’m aware that there’s still more thinking about the questions and the aims of the thesis.

But I’m sure starting a proper research, getting in touch with interview partners and having all that material collected in March and April will again give another view on the topic and help to find a proper focus for the thesis.