Review: René LaVice, Richter, Dr. Apollo – I’ve Been Waiting ft. Gracie

Epic chord stabs with delays accompanied by beautiful vocals from Gracie start this tune off as you quickly realize the production level on this is going to be top notch. With a fury the energy builds in the background while you get lost in the vocals. Quickly the drop steps in and provides a structure with a well seated bassline and tight crisp drums. The chords have continued but now having the drums and bass surrounding them providing a pleasurable audio experience that your ears cannot help but ask for more of. The chord stabs have an element that is a nod to trance in the most brilliant of ways as they pound along with the bassline, floating under the vocals.

This tune is an absolute dancefloor smasher that also has mainstream and radio appeal. This will most likely play in many sets across the dnb audio spectrum as it completely ignores the rules of any subgenre and simply creates its own brilliant effort to engage the dancefloor.

Words by Bad Martian



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