Focusing on MA-thesis part II – conversation with Gabriele Lechner

Today I had a meeting with Gabriele Lechner from Werbelechner to get input for my planned master thesis.

After thinking more about how to approach the thesis I came up with the idea that I would rather focus on analog products, but still outlining digital tools and approaches, as nowadays analog products are often based on digital data. Therefore I explained the project as followed:

My work deals with analog media, conquering with digital media. For this my thesis gives an insight in media theory and history, dealing with the specific characteritics of both representation systems. Besides, analog and digital processes and methods, various media and formats will be described to give basic information on all analog and all digital but also hybrid forms of media and their design. For the practical part an analog product based on digital data based on analog ideas is planned.

Gabriele Lechner mentioned that I should be more focused on the general method and a concrete practical piece for the thesis than on a wide range of content.

The conversation was very constructive, helping me to outline the structure for my thesis in a better way: the theoretical part can be followed by examples of use in film, sound, graphic design and photography. To get interesting content it would be good to find experts in the field and ask them for an interview. The results of the interviews will help to outline not only aesthetic and technical characteristics of d+a media, but also in means of range and scope, quality and aspects of perception. The practical workpiece could be the printed master thesis – the book can feature various papers and analog production methods to underline the theoretical findings.