User Journey Mapping (10)

Customer journey maps are research-based tools which design teams use to reveal typical customer experiences over time and visualize the many dimensions and factors involved. In my case I will be assessing how is a senior citizens journey with an interface.

The map will consist of:

  1. A timescale
  2. Scenarios 
  3. Touchpoints 
  4. Channels 
  5. Thoughts and feelings 

In this section what I wanted to focus on was the social media usage of the senior citizens. It’s one of the highest used mediums when it comes to digital usage amongst elderly. With increasing numbers in isolation and loneliness among seniors, it is a way to communicate and socialize with friends and relatives. The number one reason why older adults use smart devices and internet is keeping in touch and staying relevant through social media.

Social Media Journey

Another important journey would be “staying up to date”. It’s the number two reason why older adults use internet. Reading or watching the news, looking up new recipes or browsing through the web for new hobbies and updates. These activities can be summed up as keeping themselves updated. It is also important in the aspect of inclusion.

Keeping Updated Journey