Modern still life photography

Still life photography became an unbelievable big field of photography and it is always good the explore some contemporary artworks.


Freakebana is an attempt to make a still life relatively ugly and cool at the same time. Originally, this newly discovered fun can be traced back to a Japanese art form. Conventional flower arrangements are usually only draped with simple plants, so that the important flowers stand out. With this form, however, it is much more about using form, color and lines dominantly and loudly and still reducing the elements to the bare essentials.

Florist Brittany Asch collaborated with photographer Bobby Doherty on this series. The plants were chosen for their symbolism. This new style wants to provide surprises and makes use of objects that are not intended. The style can be channeled easily while sitting at a table with friends. You don’t need acres of land or deep pockets, just a willingness to see the potential in banal produce, flowers, and stray detritus – remixing them to seem intentional, maybe even beautiful. See photographer Bobby Doherty’s take on the trend, paired with luxury jewelry, below. 

Series by Lauren Bamford 

Photographer in Melbourne who creates images with a floral composition combined with beer cans.