Modern still life photography

Still life photography is a complex genre in which one can often create meaningful work with few materials. However, if you simply depict your inanimate objects without ulterior motives or the right know-how, this can result in a rather uninteresting picture. It is also always important to learn from contemporary artists and to see what messages they convey through their still lifes. The following photographers have created particularly interesting still lifes, although some are more or less well known:

Henry Hargreaves

Henry is a contemporary photographer currently based in Brooklyn, originally from New Zealand. He is best known for his still life and food photographs. His connection to photography came about when he worked as a professional model and got to know many photographers and their techniques. His still life photographs focus on depicting food and often contain humorous or critical messages. His photographs have been shown at the Venice Biennale, MAXXI in Rome and the Lunch Box Gallery in Miami.

Mat Collishaw

Mat is a contemporary artist who also does still life photography. He attends Goldsmiths College and has had various solo and group shows over the past three years. His works are exhibited in many famous art institutions such as the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Tate Museum in London. His work is often provocative, but you have to take a second look to see it.

Evelyn Bencicova

Evelyn is a visual creative from Bratislava. She specializes in photography and art direction. Evelyn studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. It uses a visual language that is full of symbolic elements. In this way, the viewer looks at her still life photography for a long time, trying to understand its different depths. Evelyn’s pictures are always more than you think. She works with Gucci, Cartier and Nehera. She has also won several awards and her work has appeared in Vogue Portugal, Vogue Spain and Elle magazines.

Jonathan Knowles

He is a well-known commercial photographer who specializes in still life photography. He has a unique style and lighting technique. He mainly works commercially with drinks and liquids, as he has had a weakness for these representations since childhood. His work earned him multiple awards and Jonathan worked with clients such as Coca Cola, Smirnoff, Nescafe and Guiness. Here you can see a still life series of his, which is completely in the spirit of dark subjects with the name “Derelichte”. The other series shows a combination of organic objects with plastic.

Suzanne Saroff

Suzanne is a photographer based in New York, who is known for elegant and modern product photography. She perfectly represents recent trends which are based on visual weight and balance. As well as a specific vibe created through a thoughtful color scheme. In this series, she plays with the transparency and effects of glass materials.