Branded content

Branded content is a form of creating brand stories that have a non-product or non-service focussed storyline. The brand itself and the values are the focus of the message. 

In times where it’s more and more important as a brand to tell a unique story, the mainstream channels were to reach consumers are outdated. The audience, that is forced to watch tv commercials is about to decrease. Through the rise of on-demand streaming platforms, ad blockers, and blind watching, the ad itself is harder to bring to potential consumers. Branded content tries to turn the idea of classic commercials around. It transforms from something you had to watch into something you want to watch. It also comes in a new variety of mediums. Podcasts, video games, or in forms of getting involved with the consumer directly. Branded content tries to put the brand’s history in the foreground and communicate its values in a way that is appealing to the customer even beyond the product. Through this approach of creating content, brands can stay relevant, independently from the product or service they are selling. Especially for reaching young adults, branded content is interesting. They are the ones who consume less established media, like classic tv or radio, so brands need to adapt their forms of communication. A new generation of consumers is interested in how brands deal with social, racial, and environmental issues. Furthermore, the covid crises chanced the way we consume in a radical way and brands need to react on that to stay relevant.