A new generation of consumers

While emotional branding and the “tribe” that comes with it worked for previous generations, the GenZ seems to be different. Generation Z is born between 1997-2015 and is the first fully grown digital generation. Therefore their personal expression differs from previous generations. The digital self comes to the fore. Regarding consumption habits, GenZ tends to be more aware of environmental and social issues. Second-hand shopping and renting mobility devices are more common than the desire of calling certain products their own. Studies show that a majority of this generation thinks that companies have a social and environmental responsibility, so they are more likely to choose brands that are aware of these issues and set actions. GenZ also searches for individuality, when it comes to consumption. Their own individual identity is at the center of their decisions. So they reach for brands that underline that individual expression. 

In the future, it will be much more important that brands get active and become aware of their actions and responsibilities, and do their part. Through the possibility of access to information it will get easier for consumers to recognized inauthenticity in a brand’s behavior and actions, so to stay or become relevant brands need to deal with these topics. 

Link: www.shots.net/news/view/for-gen-z-consumption-is-about-self-expression

Picture: www.commbox.io/the-customer-service-experience-for-millennials-and-gen-z/