Next Step: Building an Emotional Connection?

More and more waste is created all over the world from products that are replaced in shorter time periods. People tend to use certain products only for a minimum time, even though they still work perfectly fine. Some of the things land right in the garbage can others are placed in boxes or drawers. In these things lies a huge potential. The user is committed to the product but lost the emotional connection to it. This means that the product can still gain the attention of the owner/user back. Designers can help to support building this emotional relation from a product to the user. The goal is that people keep their products to extend the time of active usage. We know how to create and construct things that last for many years but how can we activate people to use their products longer and therefore extend the lifetime of a product? As designers, we can help to create emotions and boost the relationship between the consumer and the product/service. For the field of communication design, it’s important to detect the upcoming problems the world is facing and to find creatives ways to communicate them. 

Climate Crisis Foto: (Jonathan Nackstrand) / AFP
Child Poverty (
Global Pandemic (Picture alliance/ZUMA Press)
Organization: Moms Demand Action (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)