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  • Stories are the greatest weapon we have to combat noise.
  • Stories organize information in a way that people are compelled to listen.
  • Stories are the most powerful tool to compel a human brain.

What makes successful storytelling?

1) Successful stories clarify their message

2) Don’t tell stories of your product—tell stories of your customers

3) Define a Brand Story

When it comes to defining a brand story the brand story framework by Arek Dvornechuck is a perfect tool. The framework serves in defining a base for telling a coherent and compelling brand story that connects with the audience.

Brand Story Framework [2]

To define such a framework for a client there a three different ways to do that, whereas the whiteboard session promises the most productive outcome:

  1. Run a whiteboard session
  2. Fill out the worksheets with pen
  3. Fill out the worksheets on computer (remotely)

Story is a filter that allows us to simplify our message so that people can see us, hear us and understand. —Arek Dvornechcuck

How Brand Story Works
  1. There’s a Hero who wants something (which is your customer).
  2. Next, the hero encounters a problem before they get what they want.
  3. Then a Guide steps in (which is your brand) to help them win.
  4. Next, the guide gives them a plan to overcome that problem.
  5. The guide calls Hero to action (they never take action on their own).
  6. That action helps them avoid failure & ends in a success (outcome)
  7. At the end, the story results in the Hero’s transformation.

The Brand Story consists of seven essential layers. The layers will be examined in further detail in my next blogpost.

Step 1—Hero
Step 2—Problem
Step 3—Guide

Step 4—Plan
Step 5—Action
Step 6—Outcome
Step 7—Transformation

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