Augmented Reality for industry

Augmented Reality (AR) is a growing and also promising field for industry. While companies like DHL or several automotive manufacturer make progress in the direction of Industry 4.0 with this new technology, there are many other possible use cases for AR which are not that evolved yet.

Selection of possible areas of applications:

  • trainings
  • maintenance and troubleshooting
  • visualization of data and work steps
  • marketing
  • brand experience on exhibitions and fairs

With AR workers can access digital information and overlay that information with the physical world. By combining real world environments with context-specific virtual information, manual operations are done more efficiently, also costly mistakes can be reduced and the mental effort for transferring information from an abstract repre sentation (e.g. monitor) to the physical world can be significantly reduced.

Example use case for troubleshooting:

Multiple studies proved that AR for industry increase productivity by an average of 32%. A big advantage of AR compared to Virtual Reality is the adaption with different devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches or data glasses. There is no external hardware needed and especially in today’s digital world of indispensable smartphone availability it is easy to implement AR in the daily life of employees.