Joyful Design

Master’s Thesis

When researching my master’s thesis topic, I found an article that tackles many ideas and issues of my master thesis. In the following blog posts, I will examine this article to integrate the insights and to build and develop upon those approaches in my final thesis.

“Can design be more joyful?”

Himanshu Baradwaj expresses in his article the conviction that every product experience, from creation to consumption can be designed in a joyful manner. He also highlights the importance of seeking a higher purpose than only solving problems in design which leads to my research on possibility-driven design—a design method that exactly sparked from that idea, that design should not only focus on problem-solving approaches.

Baradwaj also writes about the importance of creating positive feelings in order of fulfilling customer expectations and furthermore in order of creating successful experiences—experiences that trigger happy emotions “are more likely to be shared” and therefore more likely to be successful.

For Baradwaj Joyful Design means applying joy to everything.

“Joyful design is about novel approaches to problem-solving, detail-oriented work, consciously trying to be in the company of joyful people, and finding joy within.” —Himanshu Baradwaj

Whereas this holistic view on joyful design makes total sense I want to set my further focus on designing products that trigger joy. (Especially in regards to my master’s thesis). The thesis will not focus on a specific design discipline but rather on a general framework which can later be applied on designing products any form. Such as a social media campaign, a website, or even a whole brand identity.

Source: Himanshu Baradwaj. June 24, 2021. UX Collective. Can design be more joyful? URL: