Live Performance Environment: Camelot

This might be interesting for all of you who want to do a live performance! 🙂

Setlist manager, digital mixer, software instrument and effects host, PDF sheet music player, multitrack audio player and highly advanced patchbay and MIDI router, these are the features of this new live performance software, Camelot, developed by Audio Modeling.

It is also designed not to have the need to have a manual, everything is clear and with just a quick guide you can have access to all the features.

As they stated:

“Camelot is an application created to address the most complex live performance needs with a simple and guided workflow. What in the past could only be achieved with a complex configuration of several applications and devices connected together, Camelot achieves in a single comfortable and well-designed workstation. Song in Camelot gathers all your configurations of hardware instruments and MIDI routing, software instruments and FX instances, sheet music and audio backing tracks.

It is also quite cheap for all of its features and there is also a free version, in which only a few features are missing.

If you are interested, you can take a look here: