ProWork3 – Product (Updates)

The semester is nearing its end and after a long journey with our personal projects, we have to conclude our research and present the results. The time really flew by and I feel a bit sad that we are finishing this portion of our studies. In this article, I wanted to give some updates on the current state of my research and product progress.


My project is exploring the possibility of training non-synaesthetic people to experience synaesthesia (weaker form). I wanted to do it with an ep titled CMYK, where each song has a dominant colour based on my own synaesthetic perception.

Product Pt. 1 – Songs

I am in the process of polishing out the final details of all the 4 songs in my project collection. 2 of the songs on the EP have a similar mood/style, while the other 2 are slightly different in genres, with one being significantly darker than the rest.

Product Pt. 2 – Training videos

As part of the research and testing, I came up with a short training video that I will use in order to have a benchmark between different test groups and evaluate the validity of my hypothesis. I kept the video as short as possible because I knew I couldn’t expect unpaid subjects to focus on something for more than 3-4 minutes. Here is the video itself:

Test Groups

My project requires working with 2 different test groups with the goal of comparing results and determining whether there is a positive difference present with long-term training. The first portion of the test has started- the training video is being watched daily for 20 days by 15 participants so far. The goal is to get 15 more. The second test group will be a short-term group that will be exposed to the video only once.