Refugees and local people in host countries

I started my thesis research on the refugee’s problem and tried to go with designing an educational platform that can facilitate their educational challenges but when I went further with this idea I found it needs professional skills in psychology and educating, so I changed my way to work on the communicating problems so I did researches and also meet with refugees and a guy who was responsible for the young center which offered free programs and snacks to youngsters including refugees during the summer, I came to a conclusion of what I did till now so I found that there is a big gap between these two groups of people,

and what I want to do as an interaction designer is to bridge these gaps.

At this point, one of my colleagues and I decide to do the project together but with divided tasks, she will do the practical and technological part and I will do the theoretical part and do the researches, as the start point we did some brainstorming about what the gaps might be and did the short questionnaire, in this questionnaire, we categorized the gaps caused to cultural, lingual, … .

We will analyze the data in this step and I will plan to do some interviews with the refugees.