Is This the Future of Face Masks?

The story begins with Marc Benioff, the chief executive of the cloud computing company Salesforce, watching the MTV Video Music Awards last summer.

To be specific, he was watching, the rapper, entrepreneur and founding member of the Black Eyed Peas, cavorting around wearing what appeared to be a cross between a gas mask and an alien space helmet. So he called, whose full name is William Adams and who has been a regular at Salesforce’s Dreamforce tech conference since 2010, and asked what in the world he had on his face. said it was an idea he had been noodling. So Mr. Benioff told that he really ought to talk to Darius Adamczyk, the chief executive of Honeywell, the multinational conglomerate that happened to be responsible for making millions of N95 face masks over the last year. Mr. Benioff made the introduction, and on April 8 the results of that conversation are coming to market.

After the surgical mask and the do-it-yourself mask and the fashion mask: the smart mask.

This ergonomic mask has a silicone face seal and an adjustable elastic strap, allowing it to adapt to different face shapes while being highly durable, which in turn allows year-round use of the mask in all climates.

XUPERMASK is equipped with two 3-speed fans and HEPA filters, as well as built-in wireless (Bluetooth 5.0) active noise canceling headphones with microphone, LED lighting, magnetic headphone dock, etc.

The declared operating time of the XUPERMASK mask is 7 hours. It will go on sale in two sizes and in two colors – black and white. All options will be priced at $ 299.

For the above price, in addition to the mask itself, buyers will also receive a special carrying case, a three-month supply of HEPA filters, earplugs for headphones of various sizes, a USB Type-C charging cable and a regular sheet mask.