UI of AR applications

When thinking about all the endless posibillities when creating a AR app, it is very important to keep the user experience in focus. Even if there are excellent functions and fun features developed within the app, it is the same than with common software or digital products: if it is not user friendly, nobody will use it.

Especially when the AR app is used for marketing purposes it is important to show the values of your company with the app. Giving the potential customers a app that is not stable and very complicated, useres will transfer this experience on the product and this can end bad.

This can be avoided by taking the app as a serious product and taking it through the whole process of app design. Starting with defining the users need and the goals which should be reached by the app. Who is the target group and who should use the product later? This group also be the users of the AR app.
Also when should the user use the app? In the shop or on the fly? At home in a confortable zone or in the train? How long does he has time at this point?

Next step would be to define the features which should be part of the app. Only the best features should be developed and rather limeted than overloaded.

A good example regarding this is the IKEA Place app. With just few very easy functions and interactions a well experience is gained.

AR is supposed to make our lifes easier and more fun. This should be kept in mind. To make sure the clients think the same than the developer of the app, multiple tests during the process of the app should be part of the development.

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