Realtime Automotive Rendering using Unreal Engine

Since PCs and especially their GPU-Units are getting more and more powerful, realtime rendering comes easier accessible for everyone. Rendering always has been very complex when it comes to absolute photorealism, but with realtime raytracing a milestone in terms of realsitic rendering has been set. The production of models, scene setup and shading is still very challenging, but with engines like Unity or Unreal, rendering is becoming less of a hassle as long rendering times are eliminated.

As an example of how powerful the Unreal Engine can be, I’ve attached two links from Duron Automotive, a professional 3D artist, with focus on realtime automotive renderings.

As the examples show, even the tiniest details like the structure of an aluminium surface inside of a car’s headlight, can be rendered perfectly. This opens up a totally new world with an encredibly hig level of detail.

This can be used to create videos, but also still images, which offer a grade of realism, where most people cannot tell the difference between a real photograph and a 3D rendered image.