Statistics: AR for product information

Advantages for retailer

While in 2020 only 1% of retailers said that they are using Augmented Reality (according to a report from Mobile Maketers) many of them did not realize yet that there are not only a chance of higher sales when using this technology to sell their products, there is also a lot of infomation the company can get from those application.
Much user data can be collected by analyzing the use of the app and seeing which products are used in which environment.

Still 52% of retailers say that they are not prepared to integrate AR into their retail. They are mostly scared or simply don’t have time for the 3D modeling and photography which is needed to display the products in the application.

The growth of conversions with AR is high. To be exact it is arount 40%. It gives the user the confidence to buy with more conviction which means the return rate dicreases and also the satisfaction after the buy is higher.

Advantages for customer

On the other hand for the customer, it is made way easier to get to know new products in a realistic way. The customer can see if his expectations match witht he products which leads to higher post-purchase satisfaction.

To buy a product, a customer needs to be convinced of the product. 71% of the consumers say they would shop more often if they used AR.. Reasons for that are that they get a more detailed overview of the product and can imagine the product in use in a better way. They feel better and saver in ther buying decisions and are satisfayed longer.

When the customer shops in stores they have multiple more aspects and senses they can use to discover a new product than they have when online. They can see, touche and feel the product. But nevertheless customers shop more and more online because it is easier, they don’t need to leave the house and especially at Corona times it is way easier to shop from home. Those people will do online shopping and you probably can’t stop them. So why don’t give them a realistic and good experience at home?

At the same time, it is important to give customers in the shop a special experience as well to stop onlineshopping by everybody. If there is a better user experience in shops too, not that much stress as it is right now and having more individual consulation, there is a chance that more people will come back to the shops to buy there products there again. 66% of consumers in Japan want offline stores to offer AR experience.

How important it is for the user to get good information about a product is seen by another survey of Mobile Marketers where 40% of consumers said that they would pay more for a product that can be customized with AR.

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