GameJam – Impressions

The Serious Game Jam was the first event of its kind that I attended. It opened a whole new world for me, making me more excited about all the possibilities of this competition format. I wanted to talk about my experience during the event and put in some final thoughs. At the beginning the energy was both good and bad- we were excited but also stressed/worried about being on time with the deadline. 3 people gave up from Friday night to Saturday morning, so it was only the 3 of us working and we knew we had to seriously step it up in order to be able to finish. Impressively enough, all 3 of us were crazy productive and even managed to sleep enough! We were impressed with each other’s skills and the outcome of this GameJam is that we will most probably be working together on future projects. In the end, we managed to score the best sound design award. I went in with no expectations and came out of the event positively surprised. If it hadn’t been for the Game Jam, I wouldn’t have discovered a conference called Game Development Session. This event enabled “blind speed dating” with companies and it resulted in one very interested future employer in a great company.

Game Tile: Confusion Quest


This is a logic puzzle game that is supposed to illustrate how it feels to have ADHD. Even the smallest everyday task can seem like an epic medieval quest when a person with ADHD is having a bad mental health day. This is why we decided to go with a medieval aesthetic for the art/design.


FH | Esma Kurbegovic | Character, Animation, Sound 

bibibi | Bibi (Artwork, level design, mechanics)

grizeldi | Luka (Development)


Game Link:

Gameplay Video: