A very big issue of todays state of AR applications is the variety of many applications and application providers. Almost for every AR experience in connection with a certain product you need to download an own app.

The combination of web(sites) and AR makes webAR to a big topic for accessibility of AR applications. For this only the web browser on a tablet or smartphone is needed. WebAR uses new web technologies like A-Frame and WebGL for displaying 3D objects in web browsers.

How this works

1. You need to scan a QR code which leads you to a website
2. Give access to camera
3. Scan the object with your camera. This object can be a physical product, a photo or a flyer

Users do not need to download a new app for every campaign. This is especially for sales application a big advantage. No time gets wasted, it only takes a minute to have the AR experience run.

Also sharing is very easy, as there are only links that need to be sent to other people. It makes spreading the app on social media or in generell very handy and easy.

Also it is cheaper to develope webapplications since only one version is needed and no developement for multiple platforms (AppStore, PlayStore,..) is required.

But as everywhere there are also disadvantages like apps with high complexity level. It is not so easy to garantee a stable connection when the app has too many functions or complex interactions.

Also since WebAR is very new, it might not work on older phones.

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