Augmented Reality for marketing purpose

AR for marketing

It is nothing new anymore that visual content is indispensable for convincing the customer to buy. AR brings a new level of marketing experience and creates many new ways to present products. The user now dives into a digital world of a product and is able to experience it before buying. An emotional connection can be build and used as persuasion.

While the place for information of physical products is nearly always limited, with AR there is infinite place and possibilities to give more information about the origin, production process or other background knowledge about the product.

AR in the field of marketing can be used to

• give a better user experience
• bring pagaging to life
• tourism
• fashion
• …

Best practices

Packaging of beverages
When using the app and turning the camera on the beverage can, an entertainment clip will be shown. This method can also be used to show for example the ingredients of the drink.

The Swedish furniture shop offers an AR-app to their customers to place the furniture into their home. Compared to seeing the products printed on paper, this way makes the decision easier and also brings a fun factor with it.

For the champagne Unbelievable Pepsi AR is used to entertain people waiting for the bus on the station. This is done by a transparent monitor instead of the conventional advertising space on the bus stop. It seems like just seeing through the glass but virtual elements will be added.

Industrie of things
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