AR: Commercial usecases


Arbibooks are children coloring-books that bring their pages to life with the help of AR. An AR application is generating 3D models of the 2D illustration and colors them in the painted style.

ARBI is a company, specialized in the development of educational projects such books and platforms based on Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Their goal is to make learning fun again through the use of new technologies AR and VR.

Goggles ‘give back’ sight to Maisy so she can read again

The company “GiveVision” is developing wearable vision aid. Inspired by the latest developments in augmented and virtual reality technology,  “GiveVision” set out to create a device which would allow people with sight loss to regain much of their sight.

The british girl Maisy lost most of her vision six years ago due to a brain tumour. What vision she has, is limited to a tiny blurry circle in her right eye.